Striped stockinette snake

snake 1

A free pattern from Purl Bee, and a chance to use the incredibly soft Cascade Eco Duo yarn.  As recommended by the pattern, I used colors Chickory and Zebra.  I knit on US 7s, and only knit 45″ before I began on the head (instead of the 65″ called for in the pattern).  In part, I felt like the snake was long enough, and in part, I just got tired of knitting snake!

The pattern uses a fun way to change from one color to the next, and because both the yarns change color gradation throughout the skein, you get a lot of cool color combinations as you knit along. Interestingly enough, the pattern doesn’t call for stitching up the seam along the snake’s belly – instead, it’s just like a scarf that curls under along the sides.  At first, I tried seaming the entire length closed and putting a little stuffing in the snake’s head, but I didn’t like the look at all – it actually flatted out the snake’s body, because once the sides were seamed together, they didn’t curl under in the way that made the body look . . . snake-like.  So I ripped out the entire seam and went with the pattern’s original design.

I used the button eyes recommended by the pattern, available here at Purl Soho.  The project didn’t take long at all to complete, but it still seemed long because I was thinking it would be a quick, one-night knit – I guess I forgot how long it would take to knit 4-5 feet in length, even if it is only 28 sts across!

snake 5

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