Pebble tank top

pebble tank 3

I always like projects that let me experiment with unique yarns,and  this one is really cool:  Habu Natural Cover Cotton (color brown).  It’s a rougher feeling cotton yarn in a natural color, wrapped with a thinner yarn of color – very unusual, both in feeling and appearance.  The pattern is Pebble Tank, free on the Purl Bee.  I knit size 38″ on US 7s, and used up just about all of 6 skeins, because I lengthened the tank by at least two inches.

pebble tank 2

It’s really double-sided, but it’s shown as the pattern intends it to be worn – inside out, with the purled side showing.  The design is a little square on me (even though the pattern includes some waist shaping), but overall it’s comfortable and fits well.  It would be fun to find other projects to knit with this yarn – I like the variety of colors it comes in, and the effect when it’s knitted up.

pebble tank 1

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