Walpole cardigan in Brooklyn Tweed Loft

Walpole 1

This is probably one of my favorite sweater knits ever, but wowza, did it take a long time!  The pattern from the Brooklyn Tweed collection of knits for its Loft yarn, called Walpole.  I used 6 skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Loft, color Postcard, and knit size 39 1/4″ on US 5s.  The fit is perfect, except for the sleeves, which are at least two inches too long.  Oh well, I can roll them up, I suppose.

walpole 2

As with all Brooklyn Tweed yarns, the blocking makes all the difference; I love how the finished sweater feels, it’s definitely knit from wool (and it has that scratchy feel), but the Loft is so, well, lofty and lightweight that it feels like wearing a sweater pumped full of air – it’s so lightweight it almost feels like you aren’t wearing anything.  The color is beautiful, and the pattern is easy to knit, virtually seamless, and I really like the i-cord edging and the detail along the collar and lapels of the cardigan.

walpole 3

If I had all the time in the world, I’d knit this in every shade of Loft – it is truly a beautiful yarn, a well-written pattern, and a good-fitting result.  The only downside is the time it took – I worked on it for over two weeks, probably knitting 4-5 hours a day.  I’d say 50-70 hours of total work – that’s a lot of time, even for a sweater!

walpole 4

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