This week in the garden . . . fall berries

Fall is my favorite time of year, and although the garden is starting to look a little worn around the edges – especially after the hot weather we’ve had the last couple of weeks – there’s a lot to showcase in the garden this time of year.

One of my favorite parts of the garden in the fall is the berries – not strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries, but the showy berries on many of the perennials.  My purple beautyberry – arguably the most spectacular of the bunch – hasn’t put on berries yet, but here are some really stunning ones that are already on display:

rose hips 1

Okay, these aren’t actually berries – they’re rose hips – but they are truly spectacular!  Probably the biggest rose hips I’ve seen, and a gorgeous orange-red color.

rose hips 2

kousa dogwood 1

This is the fruit on the kousa dogwood – I love the rosy red color and the spiky surface.  It looks like the entire tree has been decorated with red ornaments.

kousa dogwood 2

pink snowberry 1

This is a pink snowberry – the berries are good-sized and hang in these gigantic clumps, and are probably the truest pink color I’ve ever seen in the garden.

pink snowberry 2

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One comment on “This week in the garden . . . fall berries

  1. Your yard is really beautiful. I haven’t been here in the fall before but this season has its own charm as your photos show. Have you ever harvested the rose hips for tea or other uses? Alia said the Kousa dogwood berries could be eaten, true?

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