Driftwood shawl

driftwood 1

Wow – this is hands down the softest, most luxurious, most beautiful yarn I’ve ever knit!  As part of my yarn club membership, Sundara Yarn sent me two skeins of Sport Silky Cashmere this month – 65% cashmere and 35% silk, no wonder it feels so good!

driftwood 2

The color is Driftwood – Sundara’s new September color – I love its depth and complexity, it’s many different shades of greys and browns, all blended and shaded together.  Each skein is 320 yards, and the two skeins were just enough to knit the pattern made for this month’s yarn club:  Driftwood.  It’s knit on US 6s, and since the needle size is a little bigger than the US 3-5s recommended for the yarn, it gives the entire shawl a wonderful drapey feel and look.

driftwood 3

I was able to finish this in less than a week – the pattern is interesting enough so that you don’t get bored, but not overly complex (you wouldn’t want too much of a pattern with this yarn, any intricate lace details would be lost in the yarn coloration).  I got a little burned out with a pattern repeat of 10 rows near the end, but otherwise it didn’t feel at all tedious.  I like rectangular shawls better than the triangular shape – I just find them more versatile and easier to wear – so I will definitely knit this pattern – and most definitely this yarn! – again.

driftwood 4

I wasn’t sure how to block it, because of the cashmere/silk blend to the yarn, but it seemed to need a little shaping, so I compromised and, instead of wet blocking it, stretched it out to the right shape and then sprayed it wet.  This way it didn’t get soaked, and I also didn’t use any block pins or wires.  I think this was best – you wouldn’t want to soak or pull on this yarn, it’s too soft and delicate.

driftwood 5

The shape of the shawl is interesting – it’s rectangular, but it widens mid-way through so that one end is wider than the other.  I’m not sure why the designer chose to do this, or if you really notice it when you wear it – an interesting idea, I’m curious as to why it was designed this way.

driftwood 6
Here’s the Driftwood skein, before winding – an amazing range of colors!
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