Nap mats for the Oakleaves

nap mat 1

As a fundraiser for the Oakleaves class (our kindergarden at Springwater Environmental Sciences School), I’m sewing quilted nap mats – a quick and easy project, essentially just a large fabric envelope sized to slide over the vinyl nap mat, with velcro closures at the bottom.

nap mat 2

This fabric is Michael Miller’s Princess Castles in pink – great choice for a little girl!  Any Oakleaf parent who orders a nap mat gets their choice of fabric.   

nap mat 3

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3 comments on “Nap mats for the Oakleaves

  1. Cute! Where can we get more details? Cost? Other fabric choices?

  2. Very cute and attractive. I’m sure little kids will notice and be fond of it at first sight. I admire this unselfish act.

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