Brooklyn Tweed shades of green scarf

Rivage 1

The big draw for knitting this pattern (Rivage) is a chance to use the gradations of colors in Brooklyn Tweed Loft (100% American wool, 275/yds a skein of fingering weight).  I chose the colors suggested in the pattern – Fossil (color A), Tent (color B), and Foothills (color C).

I knit the scarf size, which I think I’ll get more use out of than the shawl size.  I didn’t buy two skeins of Fossil as the pattern recommended; in the end, I ran short of both Fossil and Foothills by just a couple of rows, but I was able to shorten the scarf by a little bit and use a few more rows of Tent without changing the look at all.

I used the US 6s recommended by the pattern, which resulted in a dense enough knit but still gave the scarf plenty of drape.

I don’t like the scarf edges – they roll too much, even after a complete wet block of the finished scarf.  I’d try a different stitch for the vertical and horizontal edges of the scarf if I knit it again.

I’d love to try different color combinations, but this was a huge dedication of time to stockinette stitch – good for knitting in front of the TV, but it got boring very quickly.

Rivage 4 Rivage 3

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