Alphabet Animals Embroidery

Bella's alphabet animals embroidery

Isabella now has her own business up and running:  Alphabet Animals Embroidery!   All twenty-six letters of the alphabet (and their corresponding animals) are available on T-shirts in any size, from newborn through adult.  Custom made to order, the recipient can choose T-shirt size, letter/animal, and color scheme.  Below are all of the available patterns:

"A" Alligator
“A” Alligator
"B" Butterfly
“B” Butterfly
"C" Cat
“C” Cat
"D" Dog
“D” Dog
"E" Elephant
“E” Elephant
"F" Fox
“F” Fox
"G" Giraffe
“G” Giraffe
"H" Hedgehog
“H” Hedgehog
"I" Inchworm
“I” Inchworm
"J" Jellyfish
“J” Jellyfish
"K" Koala
“K” Koala
"L" Lion
“L” Lion
"M" Monkey
“M” Monkey
"N" Newt
“N” Newt
"O" Owl
“O” Owl
"P" Pig
“P” Pig
"Q" Quail
“Q” Quail
"R" Raccoon
“R” Raccoon
"S" Seahorse
“S” Seahorse
"T" Turtle
“T” Turtle
"U" Unicorn
“U” Unicorn
"V" Viper
“V” Viper
"W" Whale
“W” Whale
"X" X-ray fish
“X” X-ray fish
"Y" Yak
“Y” Yak
"Z" Zebra
“Z” Zebra

The T-shirts are white, 100% cotton (the colored borders in the photos are not on the T-shirts).  You can request any color(s), including multi-colored hedgehogs or yaks:

multicolored hedgehog

multicolored yak

You can also order either a large (8″ x 8″) or small (6″ x 6″) canvas square wall hanging, in any of the letters/animals and color schemes:

canvas squares

Here are some examples:

“G” Giraffe small canvas square
“N” Newt small canvas square
"F" Fox
“F” Fox large canvas square
“T” Turtle small canvas square
“B” Butterfly small canvas square

For more information, and to place an order, click on this link for the Etsy T-shirt listing, and this link for the Esty canvas squares listing.  Bella will donate a percentage of every sale to Springwater Environmental Sciences School.


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3 comments on “Alphabet Animals Embroidery

  1. What an enterprising young lady! Good for you, Bella!

  2. So cute Bella. I’ll keep your store in mind.

  3. I am so happy for you. Keep up the good work. I will be making orders soon!

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