Six days in paradise

Kue Bay
The gorgeous white sands and turquoise waters at Kue Bay

We loved our trip to Hualalai on the Kona side of the Big Island so much last year that we returned same place, same time this year – and Hawaii didn’t disappoint!  Gorgeous weather – perfect temperature, no rain, light winds.  Many afternoons, the rest of the island would have big clouds hanging over it, but the thin strip of coastline stayed clear and blue all the way up and down the beach.

Four Seasons pool
The pool at sunrise, waiting for me to jump in and swim laps
My morning smoothie

My routine each day was to get up at sunrise and either run a five-mile loop on the coastal trail, or swim laps in the oceanside pool.  By then, the girls would be up and we’d all walk over to the coffee bar by the fitness center to get smoothies for breakfast.

dive gear
Our dive gear rests up for another day underwater

By 9am, we’d head out, either to our “secret” beach at Kue Bay, or for a boat dive / snorkeling trip.  Back by noon, we’d grab lunch at the oceanside restaurant only steps from our rooms, and then I’d nap or read on the chaise lounges around the pool or oceanside, while the girls swam in the pool or snorkeled in the ocean right in front of the resort.  We’d take a mid-afternoon “break” for a frozen yogurt treat at the Surf Snack oceanside.  Clean up, a dinner outside on the restaurant deck at sunset, and then off to bed early to do it all over again the next day!  This is a routine I could definitely stick to for a LONG time without getting tired of it.

frozen yogurt
Our daily mid-afternoon frozen yogurt
Four Seasons
The grounds of the Four Seasons

I can’t recommend Four Seasons Hualili highly enough – the resort grounds are beautiful, our rooms were wonderfully appointed and just steps from the pool and beach, there were no crowds, and the staff is so kind and helpful, it really helps you relax and enjoy your vacation.  I also loved diving with Lobo Del Mar – a family-operated charter boat company that took us on a night dive last year to see the manta rays, and this year took us out to dive while the girls snorkeled.  On the first day, we ended up diving (and snorkeling) right in the middle of a pod of dolphins, who kept circling around that playing near us the entire time we were in the water.  Lots of baby dolphins, too . . . there’s really nothing more amazing than being underwater and literally having a pod of dolphins swim above and around you!  I’ve found that diving is like that – you can never predict what you’ll see, and sometimes you get lucky!

The sea turtles had the same idea I did – napping away the afternoon on the beach
Awesome colors on these geckos

We saw lots of other wildlife, as well, including the giant sea turtles that pull up on the beaches every afternoon to rest – we saw the turtles while out swimming, too, in fact there was one cruising through the breakers at Kue Bay and we followed him the entire length of the beach.  We also liked the geckos – wicked fast, and check out the greens, blues and reds on these guys!


Kue Bay 2
In the surf at Kue Bay
pool at sunrise
Sunrise reflects in the waters of one of the pools


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  1. Wow that looks amazing!

  2. I’v always wanted to go to Hawaii, and your photos make me want to go even more now! Just stunning.

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