Sunnyside baby cardigan

Sunnyside baby cardigan 1

I can’t stand to add more yarn to my already-gigantic stash, so when I finished the Water St Cardigan and had almost an entire skein of TFA yarn left, I surfed around on Ravelry until I found the perfect one-skein project.  Sunnyside Baby Cardigan, a free pattern designed by Tanis specifically for her yarn, took less than one skein of Purple Label Cashmere Sock Yarn (color Tidal).  Knit on US 4s, I started and finished it while on vacation – ah, the beauty of such a tiny project!  I knit the smallest size (3-6 months) because I was worried about running out of yarn, but amazingly, I still had a good portion of the skein left!  I give up – into my stash it goes . . . 

Sunnyside baby cardigan 2

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2 comments on “Sunnyside baby cardigan

  1. It looks like perfection! What an adorable little Sunnyside.

  2. Beautiful! Crazy how far a skein of fingering weight yarn can go when you’re knitting a baby sweater isn’t it!?

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