Kokka cats skirt

Kokka cats skirt

No pattern for this one – I just wanted to find a simple way to showcase this beautiful fabric from Kokka that I bought for Bella last Christmas.  I used Kona Cotton solid fabric in a corresponding color of maroon as a bottom ruffle and a waistband.  The construction was simple:

1.  I cut the Kokka fabric in two pieces width-wise and then sewed them together lengthwise.

2.  I cut three strips of the Kona fabric (45″ long and 9″ wide) and sewed them together lengthwise, then ran a gathering stitch, gathered the Kona along its top edge, and sewed it to the bottom of the Kokka piece, ironed the seam, and topstitched it onto the Kokka fabric.

3.  I sewed two 45″ x 4.5″ pieces of Kona together lengthwise, and then sewed that piece to the top of the Kokka fabric.

4.  I sewed the entire skirt together along the back seam, to make a complete circle.

5.  I sewed a placket into the top Kona piece and then ran a 1/2 elastic strip through the placket, fitted it to Bella, then cut the elastic to the right length, sewed the two ends of the elastic together, and finished sewing down the placket.

6.  I hemmed the skirt with a 1.5″ hem.

I actually had to repeat several of these steps, because when I first had the skirt almost completed and tried it on Bella, it was just too big around – even though the elastic could pull the waist tight enough, it was gathered so densely that it didn’t look good.  I ripped out the back seam and cut off at least 15″, then re-sewed the back seam and refitted the skirt.  I also wanted to give it a deeper hem, but because it was gathered at the top, I couldn’t get any larger hem to lay flat, so I settled with what I could manage.  It’s a little long on Bella now, but it should last her for a long time.


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