Rainbow Rabbits wall hanging

rainbow bunnies wall hanging 1

I have been looking for a creative use for Mary Flanagan’s felted wool and the large bag of colorful felt scraps in my hobby room closet – after messing around cutting out silhouettes and various animals shapes one evening, I happened upon this idea.

rainbow bunnies in a bowl

First, using a shape template, I cut out identical bunnies in various colors from wool felt.  Next, using hand embroidery thread, I embroidered on a black eye and white whiskers for each bunny.  I then sized and cut the wool felt to cover a 16″ square canvas board, positioned the bunnies, and glued them down.  I wanted there to be some character to the look of the art, so I turned some bunnies so that they were facing their friends, and tilted others slightly.

rainbow bunnies wall hanging 2

I glued them down with fabric glue, just to hold them in place temporarily, then machined sewed them down.  The final step was to stretch the wool felt around to the back of the canvas square and staple it in place.

I think it would be the perfect hanging above a crib or on a nursery wall – it would be fun to do a set of these boards (or maybe a triptych), each with a different animal silhouette (chicks, cats?) and then hang them as a series.


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