Autumn decorations for the exterior

We’ve had some challenges decorating the front of the house this season – namely, our Great Pyrenees farm dog keeps chewing on all of the gourds and pumpkins.  I finally figured the secret:  pumpkins too large and heavy for her to pick up and carry off.  Still, because I could never be completely sure what would end up secreted away or chewed on, I kept it simple.

mums and pumpkins

pumpkins and lantern

I used existing galvanized metal buckets and bought six mums in golden hues, and paired those with six round, white pumpkins.  I harvested all of the various sized and colored pumpkins from our garden, and grouped them around the front door, along with an old lantern I found.

fall wreath

Finally, I bought a gorgeous fresh fall foliage wreath at the Portland Farmers Market for the front door.  Perfect!

Giant spiders climb up our fireplace (these were the girls’ addition to our decorations, I have to point out 🙂
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