Juniper Moon Farm Herriot alpaca yarn in naturally beautiful shades of color

Rivage scarf in Herriot yarn

I wanted to find a way to show off the beautiful natural shades of alpaca yarn in Herriot, one of Juniper Moon Farm’s new yarn lines, but I didn’t want the pattern to be so busy or difficult that it detracted from the colors themselves.  I looked in vain on Ravelry and just couldn’t find something that I liked, so I decided to use Rivage, the Brooklyn Tweeds scarf design that I recently used with Loft yarn.  The pattern is designed to show off a range of tonal colors, which I thought would be beautiful with the Herriot yarns.

Herriot scarf 2

I knit on US 7s as the pattern recommended, and as a result the scarf came out significantly larger than when knit with Loft.  I used the inch count (instead of the row count) to determine when to change colors, so that the proportions remained the same.  I used Tale (color A), Walnut (color B), and Eucalyptus (color C) and managed to use up just about every bit of each skein (218 yds/ea).  The very last five-inch section of the scarf is supposed to be in color A, but I had already run out of Tale, so I finished it off in Walnut, which looks just as good and means that I can say I finished this scarf with just one skein of each of the three colors!

Herriot scarf 3

I garter stitched 6 rows on each end, to keep the short edges from curling.  When it was all done, I realized it was too wide, and the long edges curled in horribly – maybe could have been fixed by blocking, maybe not.  So, I folded the scarf in half lengthwise and mattress seamed up the open long edge and seamed the two short edges closed.  I like the final product – it’s a good width for wrapping around my neck, it feels warm and thick, and there’s no front and back, so it looks good no matter how it wraps and twists.

I already have a sweater planned for more Herriot yarn – there’s something about the fine texture and feel of the alpaca fleece, coupled with the tonal shades of natural colors, that really fits me this season.  I’m guessing these yarns will feature prominently in the Christmas gifts I’ll be giving this year 🙂

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  1. This is beautiful

  2. OMG! This is so pretty and stylish! I love the color combination, too! This really great for the winter. Thanks for sharing this post!

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