Canvas blocks photo collage

photo collage

I saw this idea on Pinterest – a photo collage, comprised of nine canvas blocks (I made mine 8″ square).  The example I saw had some black & white photos and some color, which I really liked, but for our Hawaii trip photos, they all looked better in color.  I wanted a mixture of a few with us in the shots, and then others that just showed things that were representative to me of our Hawaii trip.  Flowers, a dive mask, sea turtles, the beach at Kue Bay, a bright green gecko, and our daily frozen yogurt with the beach in the background . . . each make interesting photos in and of themselves, but also invoke specific memories for me of our week in Kona.

The photos reproduce really well on canvas – in the picture above, you can see the texture of the canvas backing through the photos, but that’s only because of how the flash is reflected on the surface, in “real life” this doesn’t show up at all.

I ordered the canvas photo blocks from Canvas On Demand, and then hung them with Command Picture Hanging Strips (I found these at Michaels) – because the canvas blocks aren’t that heavy, these strips worked perfectly, they’re like velcro designed specifically for hanging photos or frames, and because they just stick to the photo and then stick to the wall, you can move them around or make minute adjustments.  Thank goodness, because if I had had to put nails in the wall for each one of these, I would never have had a chance of getting them straight or even!

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