Leaf pressing

framed leaves

At this time of year, I always yearn to find some way to preserve the brilliant fall colors all around me – I love to watch the leaves turn red, yellow, and orange, but I know that the time is fleeting, and I wanted to be able to make that color last a little while.  One of the leaf projects I’ve tried this fall is leaf pressing.  It’s very simple – just select the brightest and freshest leaves, sandwich them between pieces of wax paper, and press them between the pages of heavy books for a week or so.  Then, arrange them against cream-colored cardstock and frame them.

pressed leaves

I thought I might need to put spray adhesive on the backs of the leaves to keep them in place in the frame, but they stayed on their own once they were locked in there.  When they’re pressed, they lose some of their brilliant color, but I think they’re still beautiful.  I’m curious to see how well they are preserved in the frames – will they lose more color or start to crumble?  I hung the series of three frames on a wall that doesn’t get any direct sunlight – maybe that will help them last longer.

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3 comments on “Leaf pressing

  1. Those look SO beautiful!! what amazing results, it’s like something you’d buy at Pottery Barn.

  2. Hey, I know this is such an old post, but did they eventually lose their color or crumble? Or are they still preserved?

    • I paint a layer of Modge Podge on both sides of each leaf before framing. I made one years ago and they’re just as vibrant as ever.

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