Candy cane reindeer

candy cane reindeer 1

My youngest daughter wanted to participate in our school’s upcoming Christmas bazaar, so we hunted around online until we came up with the perfect project – candy cane reindeer!  As with almost everything I find on the Internet, these were harder to make than they appeared, at least until we experimented a little and figured out the best approach.

Initially, we tried holding the candy canes together and wrapping the pipe cleaners around them, but we couldn’t pull the pipe cleaners tight enough to hold everything together, so after trying twine and hot glue, we landed on taping the two candy canes together with clear strapping tape, then twisting 5-6 pipe cleaners together so that the ends lay flat at the point of joining, and then twisting the pipe cleaners snugly around the conjoined candy canes, tucking in the end at the top and bringing the end at the bottom around to the back, with a little bit sticking out (for a tail), and a spot of hot glue to hold the tail in place.

We hot glued on googley eyes and a red puffball nose, and then tied on a tiny bell with a strand of thin red ribbon.  For the “girl” reindeer, we tied the ribbon in a bow and hot glued it to the starting point of the pipe cleaners.

My girls were distressed that the candy canes wouldn’t really be edible – at least, not unless you tore apart the reindeer –  I pointed out that the “antlers” provide the perfect hook for hanging the reindeer on the tree, so that he can be a Christmas ornament year after year 🙂

candy cane reindeer 2


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