Rhythm of the Saints henley

Rhythm of the Saints henley 1

I loved this Driftwood pattern so much that I knit it twice (something I very rarely do) – this second time was to put this beautiful Sundara yarn to good use.  Sundara is an independent dyer in Washington, but this yarn had to travel further than that to reach me, because it was originally sold and mailed to a knitter in Australia.  She had leftover skeins after her beautiful project here, so she listed it for sale on Ravelry.  I was so taken with the color (Rhythm of the Saints) and the composition (Worsted Silky Alpaca – 70% baby alpaca, 30% tussah silk) of the yarn that I ordered it, and so it ended up just about where it had started from!

Rhythm of the Saints henley 2

I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough yarn – I had approx 3 1/2 skeins, 300 yds/ea – and I wanted to experiment with a different striping pattern, so I combined the Sundara yarn with Rowan baby merino silk dk (66% merino super wash wool, 34% tussah silk) in color Rose.  As it turned out, I probably would have had enough of the Sundara yarn to do the entire sweater – I used only 2 skeins (maybe a tad bit more), combined with 2 skeins of the Rowan (147 yds/ea).  Still, I like the interest that the color combination gives the final product.  I borrowed the striping skein from this pattern, but by the time I got to separating the sleeves from the sweater body (it’s knit from the top down), I was worried that an entire sweater would just be too “stripey”, so I knit in solid Sundara the rest of the way, then carried the striping pattern onto the sleeves.

I knit size medium (39″) again, and again was pleased with the fit.  I knit on US 6s – a slightly smaller needle, to get gauge – but I switched to US 7s for the sleeves, since I wanted to knit on 12″ circulars instead of dpns and I don’t have 12″ circulars in US 6s.  Besides, my knitting in the round is a little tighter than stockinette, and it all turned out for the good, because I wouldn’t want the sleeves any tighter.  The button band was knit in Sundara on US 5s.

I found buttons that were as close of a color match as possible, because I didn’t want them to be the focal point of the sweater.  This time, I didn’t like how the button band gapped open (not sure why it did it this time, when I had no problems like this the first time I knitted Driftwood), so I sewed it shut – still the same appearance, but without the gaps.  Also this time I made sure to bind off the neck band more tightly, so I didn’t have to go back and weave in a strand of yarn to pull it tighter and keep it from almost slipping off my shoulders.

 Rhythm of the Saints henley 3


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