Sundara Parvel: holiday wine with a touch of pink

Holiday wine with a touch of pink Paravel 1

My third time with the Paravel pattern, this time around to use up one last skein of Sundara worsted silky alpaca (70% baby alpaca, 30 % tussah silk) in color Rhythm of the Saints.  I had most of an entire skein – approx 330 yards – so I knew I’d need to reduce the pattern, which was fine, since I was going for a scarf, not a wrap.

Holiday wine with a touch of pink Paravel 2

Holiday wine with a touch of pink Paravel 3To give the scarf a little depth of color and a halo, I double-stranded with one skein (325 yds) of Alchemy Haiku (40% silk, 60% mohair), color Azalea Trail.  The two colors are so similar – the Alchemy is just a few shades lighter — that it didn’t really change the color in the FO, it just gave it more depth and a halo of mohair softness.

I knit on US 8s and modified as follows:
C/O 45 sts (instead of 77)
Knit Chart B 6 times (instead of 12)
Knit Charts C/B 12 times (instead of 18)
Knit Chart B 6 times (instead of 12)

I love this shawl (or scarf – whichever you want to call it) — with these modified stitch counts it’s the perfect width and length, and the little bit of lace work on the edge and detail in the body of the scarf give it just enough visual interest, without taking away from your appreciation of the yarn color and texture.  This is an especially beautiful color for wearing with blacks and greys during the fall and winter seasons.



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