The natural approach to Christmas wrapping and decor

Christmas wrapping

This year I’m trying a more natural approach to my Christmas decorations, and even to my wrapping.  I decided to wrap all my gifts in brown craft paper and then decorate with red ribbon and cuttings from our farm – cedar, pine cones, nandina berries, and even a few trimmings off of the new holly trees we’ve planted.  I bought blank cream-colored labels, stamped and embossed a red or green glitter conifer on each, and hand-wrote the recipients’ names.

birch branch 1

Continuing the theme of bringing nature indoors, I cut a branch from one of our white birch trees and suspended it from the kitchen ceiling, over our kitchen island.  Then, using thin-guage wire, I hung the handblown ornaments that our family created at Elements Glass last year.  I was nervous at first – what if it fell? – but it’s held on so far, and I love the effect.

 birch branch 2

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