A very kitty Christmas

Socks on the ottoman

In the evenings, when I knit in the parlor by the fire, three of our four cats congregate there, oftentimes stretched out as close as they can get to the gas fire’s heating vents.  Socks, our large black and white tuxedo cat, always claims his spot on the ottoman I rest my feet on – and he makes an excellent foot warmer!  I’ve never seen a cat that actually likes having his human rest her feet on him.

Marmalade tailThe stockings were hung on the mantel with care . . . hmmm, I think that stockings aren’t the only thing on the mantel here.  This telltale tail belongs to Marmalade, who frequently stakes out as spot on the mantel above the fireplace, because the wood heats up and gets toasty warm.

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One comment on “A very kitty Christmas

  1. So cute. My cat is a great bed buddy. He has started sleeping on my stomach when I get into bed. (Until I change position). Love you Andrea.

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