Cinnamon Christmas candle

cinnamon sticks candle 1

For a hostess gift at a Christmas party we attended this weekend, I made this cinnamon Christmas candle – I ordered 6″ cinnamon sticks online, then used them to encircle a 3″ x 6″ Pottery Barn ivory candle.  After trying (and failing) at a few ways to hold the cinnamon sticks on while I got them tied together, I simply put a rubber band around the candle, then stuck each of the cinnamon sticks in and positioned them.  I was going to cut the rubber band off once I tied the twine around, but decided that the band would probably keep the cinnamon sticks in place better than the twine, so I just wound enough twine around to hide the rubber band.

When the candle is lit, it will warm the cinnamon sticks and release the smell into the air.  Nothing says Christmastime to me like the smell of warm cinnamon!

cinnamon sticks candle 2

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