Teacher gift baskets

teacher gift baskets 2

Gift baskets for each of my daughter’s teachers:

* Holiday baskets purchased from Michaels

* Cellophane bag of fudge – my dad and I make this fudge each Christmas from my Great Grandmother Maude’s recipe, it’s hard to go wrong with two different kinds of chocolate, marshmallow fluff, and a whole lot of butter!

* A lavender candle handmade in a vintage jello mold (blogged here)

* A jar of marionberry compote, perfect for ice cream topping (blogged here)

* A small loaf of orange bread, made by my mom from the award-winning recipe she created as a young woman for the Pillsbury junior national bake-off

* A printed card in each basket to explain the story and history behind each of these items 

teacher gift baskets 1

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