Strip quilting in a palette of peaches and greys

strip quilt in a palette of peaches and greys 1

I created this pattern from scratch as a Christmas present for my sister and her new husband – it’s always so hard to make quilts as presents because I think that design, pattern, and color choice are very individual and personal preferences.  I hope that they like this one!

strip quilt in a palette of peaches and greys 2

I bought a bundle of coordinated fabrics from Fabricworm – 1/2 yard of each pattern – and cut them lengthwise in 3″ and 3.5″ wide strips.  Then I sewed them together randomly, in two long chains (one chain 3″ wide, the other chain 3.5″ wide).  I cut each chain at 106″ intervals (a queen-size quilt is supposed to be 90″ wide and 106″ long).  Then I sewed them together, keeping both the widths and the colors random.  It was a lot of fun to see how it looked in the end, since I wasn’t working from a pattern or picture, and I wasn’t sure how the random placement of the colors and widths would turn out.

strip quilt in a palette of peaches and greys 3

I ran out of fabric before the quilt was 90″ wide, and I didn’t really want the entire quilt to be strip-pieced — too stripey — so I used white cotton muslin to make up the remaining width.  I used complementary fabrics as the backing and quilted the strip pieces by stitching in the ditch, then echoed the vertical stripes by quilting the white cotton vertically, with randomly spaced lines.  I finished by binding the quilt in white.

It was a race to the finish with this one, since the holidays are almost here – I finished in less than three days, whew!

strip quilt in a palette of peaches and greys 4

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