Simply Color Leafy Stripe block quilt

leafy stripe quilt 1

The inspiration for this quilt began with V & Co’s Simply Color fabric collection; I purchased a half yard of each of the six colors of Leafy Stripe (eggplant, aquatic blue, navy blue, lime green, mustard, and graphite grey), then supplemented with several solids from my stash when I realized that I wouldn’t have enough to complete the number of blocks I needed.

Each block is comprised of 7 strips (2″ x 14″) and 9 small rectangles (3.5″ x 2″).  I made 25 blocks, then cut the finished blocks to 13.75″ square.  Next, I cut 20 rectangles of white muslin, each 4.5″ x 13.75″, and sewed them between the color blocks, creating five rows of five blocks each.  Then I cut 4 strips, each 4.5″ wide and approx 85″ long, and sewed them between the color block strips, to create the 5×5 block centerpiece of the quilt.  Then I cut two long strips, each 4.5″ wide, and sewed them vertically to the left and right of the centerpiece, and finally I cut 10″ wide strips and sewed them horizontally to the top and bottom of the centerpiece.

leafy stripe block quilt 2

The backing is Simply Color Ombre in colors graphite grey and eggplant.  The finished size will fit a queen-size bed – approximately 90″ wide by 106″ long.  To quilt it, I freehand quilted in all of the white areas – this left each block unquilted, which is a pretty big area (13″) to not quilt, but I couldn’t decide upon a quilting pattern that I thought would be attractive, and in any case, with all of the freehand quilting, it’s not like the batting is going to go anywhere, even in those unquilted squares.

leafy stripe block quilt 3

I was initially very excited about how the fabrics looked together, but as I was assembling the blocks, I had a lot of doubts as to whether I would like the finished product; now that it’s done, I still can’t make up my mind whether I’m happy with it or not.  I have a lot of difficulty picturing how a collection of fabrics will look when they’re cut up and reassembled on the completed quilt, and as a result, I’m always apprehensive when I’m putting something together from scratch based on my own pattern.  In any case, this quilt isn’t for me so hopefully the recipient won’t feel as ambiguous about it as I do.

 leafy stripe block quilt 4


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