Ringwood gloves

Ringwood gloves 2

I purchased this yarn as part of one of Sundara’s yarn clubs, and decided to use it double-stranded for this project.  The pattern is Ringwood gloves – I knit it on US 5s, but switched to US 4s when I got to the fingers, and got a much better fit.  The next time I knit this pattern, I’ll use US 4s for the body of the gloves, as well – they fit well now, but I want a tighter, stretchier fit.  Going to US 4s will be going down two needle sizes, and I’m already knitting size small – I can’t imagine how big size large would be!

Ringwood gloves 3

The yarn is Sundara fingering merino cashmere (500 yards of 70% superwash merino, 20% cashmere, and 10% nylon) in color Eye of the Night.  I used only one skein, and had at least 100 yards left (probably more).  I found these sparkly buttons at Button Emporium in downtown Portland – the colors matches the highlights in the yarn perfectly.

Even though knitting each individual finger takes more work than knitting fingerless mitts or mittens, I love how these came out, and the more elegant and close-fitting look and feel.  I’m already planning to knit them again with a different yarn and smaller needle size.

Ringwood gloves 1

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