Brooklyn Tweed Fade in purples

brooklyn tweed fade purples hat 2

I have so much Brooklyn Tweed in my stash now that I was able to knit this one completely from leftovers . . . it’s knit in Loft yarn, double-stranded to accommodate the color changes, but comes out the texture of Shelter.  You hold two strands of the yarn together, and then when you’re switching color, you first switch out just one of the strands, then the other, to get the gradual, ombre look.

I used (from lightest to darkest) Blanket Fort, Thistle, and Plume.  I followed the Fade pattern and knit on the recommended US 5 (for hat brim) and US 7 needles, but I skipped the tubular cast-on (too much work!) and I made up my own points of color transition.

Brooklyn Tweed Fade purples hat 1

You could apply this pattern using any three (or more) fingering-weight yarns, held double – I love playing with combinations of color, and I love the gradual “color fade” look.  The finished fabric is perfect for a hat, and while I usually don’t like the slouchy fit, this one is just enough to look cute, without being so much that it looks like a have a big drip hanging off the top of my head 🙂  I see many more of these Fade hats in my future, to accommodate my addiction to combining all of the Brooklyn Tweed colors!

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