Aerie scarf in boysenberry mulberry silk

Aerie scarf 1

This pattern and yarn is the first installment of Tanis Fiber Art’s 2013 Year in Colour Club, and it didn’t disappoint.  The pattern, designed by Julie Crawford, is Aerie Scarf, and the yarn is TFA Silver Label Mulberry Silk, in club color Boysenberry.

I knit on the recommended US 3s and used up almost every bit of the 550 yards in the skein of yarn.  The pattern is a nice mixture of detailed lace work on the ends, and brainless stockinette stitching in between.  The stockinette section does tend to curl inwards, even after wet blocking, but the lace on the ends keeps it somewhat flattened, and it doesn’t really matter anyway when it’s wrapped around your neck.

Aerie scarf 2

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  1. Gorgeous! I’m behind on the club patterns because I had a baby in January. I think seeing your beautiful scarf has just given me the motivation I need to get started on mine!

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