Bedroom remodel

fabric wall art 1

The remodel of our bathroom (photos coming soon) led me to re-think our bedroom colors and, as one project often leads to another, resulted in a  complete remodel.  The furniture is still at the upholsterers’, but here are some shots of my sewing projects: 

bed quilt

A new king-sized quilt (wow, do I hate machine quilting a piece of fabric big enough to cover a California king bed!)  I used just a stripe of several of the upholstery fabrics to give it some texture, and otherwise kept it clean and white, with random vertical stripes for the quilting.  It’s two-sided (more photos to come soon), so that I can introduce some variety without making an entire new quilt.  I made the quick and easy pillow shams to match, as well. 

fabric wall art 2

I love the idea of fabric as wall art, so I picked two of the upholstery fabrics that were being used as accent pieces only (for pillows and the like) and “framed” them as art on 15″x30″ canvas boxes.  The middle box is another upholstery-weight fabric – cream embroidery on cream fabric – I selected crewel embroidery thread in colors to match the other two fabrics, and re-embroidered just a few flowers and leaves, for some color accent. 

herringbone throw 1

This is literally the quickest sewing project I’ve ever done – it’s here on the Purl Bee and unfortunately, there wasn’t enough of this herringbone Ecrulet fabric left (the project calls from 2.5 yards, and there was only 1.25 yards remaining) AND the fabric isn’t being produced any more – which is a real shame, as it’s absolutely beautiful.  Undeterred, I bought what they had and used the entire piece.  There’s no sewing at all on the selvage edges – they’re beautiful as they are – and all I did on the cut edges was to pull out the fringe to about 2″ long, and then run two lines of zig-zag stitching in a gold thread.  The piece is so gorgeous, but unfortunately it’s not really big enough for a throw – I guess it’s a small, lap-sized throw – and the grey is very purplish in hue (not as much as it appears in the photo, but it does have a purple cast to it), which doesn’t really work with the brown-tinted greys in my bedroom.  I love it nonetheless, though, and am thinking about making another one as a gift from the remaining colors of Ecrulet that Purl Soho still has in stock. 

herringbone throw 2

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