“Big bump” alpaca rug

big bump rug 1

This was a bit of an unusual knitting project – a very simple pattern, published on the Purl Bee, just cast-on 41 sts and knit one side, K1 slip 1 the other side until you run out of yarn.  The unusual part was the yarn – Big Stitch Alpaca Bump, with a gauge of 1 st = 1″ on US 50 needles!

big bump alpaca rug 2

The bump is 70% alpaca, 30% wool in color Cream – I used two bumps and knit on US 36 needles, with a finished size of 38″ x 44″.  It took only two evenings, but my hands were pretty sore, trying to manipulate those huge tree trunks as needles!

big bump alpaca rug 3

This was a labor of love dedicated to my new bedroom floors, which – when they’re installed – will be dark, hand-sanded walnut, and I think that this cream plushness will look beautiful against them.  I like both sides of the rug – can’t tell which is the “right” side or the “wrong” side.  The question is, how will it wear if I’m stepping on it as I get out of bed every morning?  And, how will I ever keep my cats off of it?

big bump alpaca rug 4

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