Double seed stitch blanket

double seed stitch blanket 1

Another project for my newly remodeled master suite . . . this is the double seed stitch blanket from the Purl Bee, a good dose of “knitting therapy” because it’s so mindless – the only way I can get through long, repetitive projects like this is to just set myself a nightly goal.

For this project, my goal was to finish two skeins of yarn a night – not that hard when you’re knitting with the yarn doubled and when there’s only 76 yards to a skein AND you’re on US 15 needles!  I used Elann Highland Chunky (100% highland wool) in color 0211 (Mocha Heather) – it took 30 skeins in all.  The recommended needle size is US 10s, but US 15s worked perfectly with the yarn doubled.  The color is perfect for my room – a grey with enough brown in it (or, you might say, a brown with enough grey in it).

double seed stitch blanket 2

At first, I wasn’t so crazy about the texture – it feels a little itchy (it is highland wool, after all!)  But the result was the thick plushness that I was looking for, a very heavy-feeling blanket that will definitely keep me warm in the winters when my thin quilt bedcover isn’t enough.

I wish I had a photo of my cats participating in the knitting of this blanket – once it got big enough to drape over my legs while I knit, Marmalade (one of our orange cats) would lie on my legs UNDER the blanket (I could feel his purrs vibrating the material) and I knit over him.  When Comet, the newest addition to our cat household, joined me, he elected to lie on top of the quilt, so I had to keep twisting it as I moved back and forth, but he didn’t seem to mind.

The finished size is just the right length to drape over a California King bed, and just wide enough to lay over me with room to spare – 43″ wide by 76″ long.

 double seed stitch blanket 3

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