Liberty Lawn hot pads

hot pads 1

Such a quick and easy, but gratifying project – the perfect items to tuck away in my gift closet until I need to put together a handmade package for a birthday, or a housewarming, or a hostess gift . . . this sewing project is from the Purl Bee and uses Essex yarn-dyed denim and Flora Eve print from the Liberty of London lawn fabrics.  The cotton twill tape (color navy) is ingenious, because you don’t have to create your own binding, and I really liked the construction detail of the mitt hot pad.

hot pads 2

I quilted the hot pads with the diamond pattern used in the project instructions and, while I usually favor machine sewing, I followed the instructions and hand sewed on the twill tape with Valdani Pearl Cotton embroidery thread (color 114).  In this way, I could be sure that I’d catch the edges of the twill tape on both sides (which would have been impossible using the machine).  It didn’t take too long, and I like the finished look.

I used Insul-brite batting, an insulated lining for heat-sensitive projects – it’s not very thick, but does the job.  This is a great project for fabric scraps – you could put together quite a few sets of these in an afternoon.  I’d highly recommend using the twill tape, it’s a beautiful finishing touch and a real time-saver!

hot pads 3

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