Brooklyn Tweed ombre henley

Brooklyn Tweed ombre henley 1

My third time knitting Driftwood . . . this time, I double-stranded Brooklyn Tweed Loft so that I could gradually change colors – I didn’t have any real plan for when I transition from one color to the other, and ended up using only a little of the lightest color, but I like how it came out.  I started with Fossil (used less than one skein), then transitioned to Camper (three skeins), and then ended with Homemade Jam (three skeins).

Brooklyn Tweed ombre henley 2

I knit size medium (39″) again, but it came out larger than I wanted – if I was to knit it again in Brooklyn Tweed, I’d knit one size down.  I tried tossing it in the dryer for 10-15 minutes at a time, and I got it to tighten up a little, but no significant shrinkage.  As the pattern called for, I used US 8s (12″ circulars for the arms) and US 7s for the neckline and buttonbands.

I love finding different ways to use and combine color – especially the Brooklyn Tweed colors, which are subtle, complex, and gorgeous!  I’d like to find other ways to combine colors when knitting sweaters, other than simple stripes or complicated fair isle.

Brooklyn Tweed ombre henley 3

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