The bathroom remodel is complete!

It’s been more than a decade since our house was built, and I was starting to feel that the master bathroom was boring and out of date . . . I’d never liked it that much anyway, and when the grout began to get moldy and cleaning just wasn’t cutting it, I made the jump and decided on a complete remodel.  We had all of the tile removed, and replaced the tub, sinks, and faucets, but we didn’t have to make any structural changes.

I chose a theme of natural products – stone and wood (well, tile made to look like wood!) with some small accents of metal.  Here’s the story in photos:

The shower is tiled with “wood” porcelain tile, with the “boards” running vertically, and the back wall is in thin-stack stone. The floor is made up of round black river rock.
This entire exterior window wall is tiled in thin-stack rock.
The tub deck is in this really cool tile, kind of a dark stone with a metallic finish to it, that picks up light and shines in the sunlight.
The sinks are tiled in the same stone used on the tub decking; because I wanted a set-in sink, but the ones we chose weren’t cooperating, the installers built up the decking around the sinks so that they could tile right up to the edges, over the lips of the sink. I love the final look, and the square sink is a very cool, functional shape.
The backsplash is the same tile that’s used on the sink decking, with a line of 1″x1″ copper squares running through the middle, and a 2″x2″ glass tile interspersed every foot or so. I found the knobs online at and custom-ordered them, for a splash of turquoise to brighten up the earth tones.
This is a view of the entire wall of vanities – we used a terra cotta (in color, not actual composition, because terra cotta breaks so easily) stone on the floor in large, 24 inch-square tiles, and painted the walls a soft, warm grey – all but one interior wall, which divides the bathroom from the bedroom. On that wall, we used an accent color of rusty orange-red, to set off the rust color in the slate tiles around the fireplace.
These bunny hooks are on the back door of the water closet, as towel hangers – I like the bit of personality they add to the room!

Because the master bathroom and bedroom are so connected, I decided that a bathroom remodel warranted a bedroom remodel 🙂  I posted photos of the new quilt and some of the new wall art earlier; I chose corresponding fabrics and had the furniture in the room reupholstered, too:

The two side chairs and ottoman in the sitting area
The love seat in front of the window (I chose to remove all of the curtains and went without window treatments, because our windows are huge and beautiful and open up to gorgeous south-facing views of our 20 acres of farmland).
I chose an accent color of spring break suede-feeling fabric for the bench seat.

Finally, our friend and woodworker extraordinare Jay Younger made this unique mantel for the gas fireplace:

Our installers were Casey Beatty of CMB Properties, Inc and Dana Geister of Timber & Steel Artisan Builders – they did beautiful work, and came up with many small touches and attention to detail that really enhanced the end result.  The final part of the project is to have the carpet ripped out and hardwoods installed – that happens later this month, stay tuned for photos!

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  1. Your bed/bath is my new inner happy place.

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