Dancing Easter chicks

dancing Easter chicks 1

A great combination of wool felt and hand sewing, for a (relatively) quick and easy Easter project . . . I used pastel colors of Mary Flanagan felted wool and corresponding embroidery thread, and followed the directions here.  There are only a few steps:

1.  Cut out the pattern pieces according to the template – I enlarged the template by 150%, because the pieces would have been so small otherwise, I don’t think I could have sewn them together.  For each chick, I cut out two body pieces, two wings, and a gusset out of the pastel felt, and a triangular beak out of a stash piece of orange felt.

2.  Using a blanket stitch, hand sew the two body pieces together (tuck the beak in between the pieces and sew it in as you’re joining the body pieces), joining in the gusset – leave enough room to stuff (I used cotton stuffing, which worked great because it compacted down nicely to make the bird bodies firm), and then finish sewing together.

felt hand sewn birds 3

3.  Run the thread up through the body and blanket stitch on the wings (just the front ends – leave the tail ends loose).

4.  Using black embroidery thread, pull your knot through one of the holes in the body stitching, make two french knots for eyes, then run the end of the thread out on the other side of the body and cut it off.

5.  Cut the wire approx 15″, form a foot on one end, slip the other end through a hole in the stitching at the bird’s belly (try to center it, so your bird won’t tip forwards or backwards on his legs), then pull it out the other side through another hole in the stitching, form a second foot, and cut off any extra wire.

felt hand sewn birds 4

I really wanted to make the birds perch on a wire I would string from one side of our kitchen hutch to the other, but I didn’t want to have to wrap their feet around the wire and, as a result, ruin my neatly created bird feet, so I settled for putting them in different “on the ground” positions.  To get the best effect, you definitely want to make a flock of these guys – I like five (one in each color), but how cool would it look to have ten, or fifteen, or even more?

 dancing Easter chicks 2


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