Poppy mittens

Poppy mittens 1

These are THE BEST mittens I’ve ever knitted – a simple, straightforward pattern, just detailed enough to stay interesting, a way to showcase a truly beautiful yarn – I plan to knit many more of these for Christmas presents.  The pattern is free on the Purl Bee – Classic Mittens on Laura’s Loop.  The yarn is Anzula Cricket (80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon) in color Poppy – one of my favorite yarns because it feels wonderful, but is springy and squishy, and the color dyes are gorgeous.

Poppy mittens 2

The recommended needles are US 3s (and US 2s for the cuffs) – since the yarn is recommended for US 5s, using two sizes smiler makes for a dense, cushy fabric that’s perfect for something like mittens.  Because the entire project uses less than one skein (250 yds), it’s cost-effective and a quick knit, as well – hard to beat!  

I knit size small – I was a little nervous, thinking they might not fit me, but I like my mittens and gloves to fit snugly – I hate it when my hands are just floating around inside them – so I took a chance.  It was a good call, because these are a perfect fit – very snug in the cuffs (which I like, it makes it feel like they’ll actually stay on my hands), but plenty of room for my hand.  The pattern said that size small would take 1-2 skeins of yarn, but I had plenty of the first skein leftover, so I’m guessing I could have knit even a size medium in one skein.

Poppy mittens 3

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