Rainbow Blocks blanket: the end (finally!)

by onblueberryhill on March 16, 2013

rainbow blocks blanket 1

This is probably one of my greatest knitting achievements – 108 squares of Koigu’s gorgeous colors!  I first saw this project as a crochet pattern on Purl Bee; after experimenting a little, I figured out how to knit the squares, and set myself a goal of knitting one a day.  In that way, it didn’t become too overwhelming, I didn’t get too bored with knitting all those squares, and I could work on other knitting projects at the same time.

rainbow blocks blanket 2

With only a few exceptions, I stuck to my goal, and three months later, I had all 108 squares completed!  I sewed them together with a blanket stitch, after laying them out per the Purl Bee’s schematic (I made a few minor modifications, but by and large stuck to the colors and the order they were laid out).  Sewing them all together was a huge task in and of itself, so I set myself a goal of one row a day – it’s all in the pacing!

rainbow blocks blanket 3

The yarn is Koigu KPM (100% merino), knit on US 3s dpns –  I bought the entire kit from Purl Soho, but they also list out the individual color codes (41 different colors) in the layout schematic.  Along with all of the colors, they provided 11 skeins of the white/neutral color (color code 0000) – unfortunately, I needed one more skein.  I had to buy it from somewhere else, and even though it’s the exact same yarn and color code number, it was really different.  I knew that Koigu dyed in small batches, but I didn’t expect that the basic white color would have a variation.  That wasn’t too bad, but what was really disappointing was how thin the new skein was.  Why would it be that Koigu would differ so much skein to skein in its gauge?  Luckily, I only had half a dozen blocks or so to do, but they turned out a lot thinner than the others, and I wouldn’t like the blanket near so much – it wouldn’t be as squishy and thick – if all of the blocks had been knit with yarn similar to that final skein.

rainbow blocks blanket 4

The final dimensions are 43″ x 55″ – a generously sized throw – and I like the heavy, substantial feel of the blanket.  The blocks don’t lie completely flat when sewn together, but I think that adds to its charm.  This is definitely an heirloom piece, and not one that I’ll likely give away – I need to find a way to save it (cedar chest?) for the future.

rainbow blocks blanket 5

Now I have TONS of Koigu left – there’s enough of each skein of color to make at least two more blankets like this!  All you would have to do is buy the Koigu white – by my calculation, 12 skeins.  I’m hoping to sell this huge bag of wound Koigu colors to someone who wants to make a blanket like this, but at a substantial savings off the original cost of the kit.  If anyone out there is interested, please let me know!  (Update:  I’ve found a buyer for the yarn, thank you to everyone who contacted me to express interest!)

rainbow blocks blanket 6

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