Urban hike: NE Alberta Street

NE Alberta 1

One of our ongoing family activities is “urban hikes” – a chance to get out and about, and introduce the girls to all of the different neighborhoods in Portland.  There are so many cool places that even I’ve never seen, and I’ve lived here most of my life!  Each different part of the city has a different feel, and it’s fun to talk about what it must be like to live there, how it’s different (and the same) from where we live, and to explore the shops, parks, and foodstuffs (we’re particularly always on the lookout for cupcake shops!)

NE Alberta 3
Waiting for our pie – my oldest demonstrating typical adolescent enthusiasm 🙂

Last weekend, we chose NE Alberta Street – known in Portland as a hip, kinda edgy, up-and-coming neighborhood with a lot of young people.  We found Green Bean Books, an awesome independent bookstore tucked away in a tiny little house that specializes mainly in children’s books.  We also found a crafting mecca, in the form of Collage, Modern Domestic, Bolt, and Close Knit – I’d died and gone to fabric and yarn heaven!  We passed up Salt & Straw

NE Alberta 4

(and the long line, even on a chilly day in March) to visit Random Order Coffeehouse and Bakery – an interesting combination of a (liquor) bar and a (pie) bar owned by someone we went to law school with (a much better career choice than becoming a lawyer, I’d say!)  The pie was AMAZING – of course, we only sampled the chocolate cream (my entire family being chocoholics), but the many other varieties looked incredible, too.

NE Alberta 5
Rich ponders the life mystery of chocolate cream

We rounded out the day by getting my oldest daughter’s ears pierced (well really, just one ear – she got them pierced for her 12th birthday, and one had closed up, so we rectified that) and window shopping up and down Alberta between 12th and 26th.  The weather cooperated – just barely – but it was too cold for a longer walk to one of the nearby parks.  There were several restaurants along the way – all pretty much hole-in-the-wall establishments – that I’d love to come back and try another day.

NE Alberta 2
We found this awesome beaver statute on NE Alberta – great tail!


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2 comments on “Urban hike: NE Alberta Street

  1. Hello Blueberry Hill! Sorry, I’ve just now found your site and do not yet know your name. I was in Portland in June- I fly out from Virginia’s East Coast every other year as my oldest daughter (of five!) lives there with her family. I really enjoyed reading several of your posts and will subscribe! There was something about your site that ‘spoke’ to me…a family of girls, perhaps…intense interest in knitting…. don’t know, but I will read with pleasure your posts from now on! Sincerely, Kathleen Rouse, Cape Charles, Va.

    • Thanks Kathleen, it’s so nice to know you’ll be a regular reader! I hope that you enjoyed your visit in June, and will have more opportunities to explore Portland – with five daughters, you must really get in a lot of traveling!

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