The final remodel step: hardwoods

The final step in our master bedroom / bathroom suite – installation of hardwoods in the bedroom and the closet – is finally done.  Because there are so many other competing colors and types of wood in this room (particularly cherry), and because of the different wood in the hallway (red oak) that connects at the threshold to the bedroom, I wanted to choose something completely different, that wouldn’t “almost match but not really.”  I went with a dark walnut with a hand-planed finish – so the finish is slightly irregular, as if finished by hand, and you can see the natural wood striations and even knotholes.

hardwoods 1

For me, projects like this are always such a leap of faith, because I don’t have the ability to really picture how it will look when finished.  Luckily, this turned out gorgeous!  It’s especially beautiful when the sun comes through our huge, south-facing windows.  I had window treatments on these windows for twelve years, but discovered when I took them down for the remodel how much it opens the room to have nothing and at, and the beautiful window frames – not to mention the views outside – are more than enough decoration.

hardwoods 2

My big bump alpaca rug looks so lovely against the dark walnut, and it’s such a treat to sink my feet into when I get up in the mornings.

hardwoods 3

I know that eventually I will want some rugs down, but for now, I’m just going to enjoy the look and the feel of the wood 🙂

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