Swan’s Island sweatshirt

sweatshirt 1

I highly recommend this project – it’s easy, it’s something you’ll likely wear all the time, and this year is unbelievably soft.  The pattern is free from the Purl Bee – The Sweatshirt Sweater – and the yarn is Swan’s Island Worsted, a 100% organic merino (color Seasmoke).  I knit size medium (41″ chest – I wanted this to fit a little roomy, like a real sweatshirt) on the recommended US 6 and 7 needles, and I used up every bit of 5 skeins.  In fact, I ran out at the very end, with about three rounds of the neck ribbing and bind-off to complete.  That was okay though, because I wanted to use a contrast color there, and I happened to have Swan’s Island Worsted Winterberry in my stash, so it was the perfect match.

sweatshirt 2

I followed the pattern exactly – no modifications – and I’m very happy with the fit and the feel of it.  I wasn’t sure about the ribbing band at the bottom, because I don’t like bands that fit too tightly and ride up, but I didn’t have that problem with this one.

sweatshirt 3

The pouch is incorporated into the body knitting, so you don’t have to graft it on afterwards, and I like having a pocket to warm my hands in.  I didn’t block the sweatshirt, but I did spray block the borders of the pocket, because they wanted to curl in.

sweatshirt 4

The color in the photos where I’m wearing the sweatshirt is more accurate – I try to photograph outside whenever possible, to get the best representation of what the color really looks like.  It’s amazing how background and flash can completely change it!

sweatshirt 5

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3 comments on “Swan’s Island sweatshirt

  1. What a perfect knitted sweatshirt, I love the pockets! Very clever.

  2. I am making the pocket right now and I love the way it is integrated into the piece. an you help me with one thing?
    My pocket on the left side with the knit 2 together is perfect but my S K P side has a slightly differnt look. I am slipping purlwise knitting one and then passing over but the finished line is differnt from the other side. any suggestions?
    Thanks a lot!

  3. Lovely! I like the contrast color at the neck.

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