Wild blueberries

Lintilla 2

Wild blueberries is the perfect color name for this absolutely luxurious Sundara fingering silky cashmere.  At 65% cashmere and 35% silk, how can it not be just about the most amazing thing to wear next to your skin?  I love how the color variations wind through the yarn, giving it so much more depth and texture than a single color ever could.

Lintilla 1I had to look around to find a pattern that would live up to this yarn – I finally settled on Lintilla, because I loved the little bit of ruffle along the edge, and I thought that the size and shape would make a perfect neck wrap for the spring – still chilly enough to need something pretty around your neck, but getting too far into the season to wear something that actually looked like a scarf.

I knit on US 3s and got 19 repeats of the body pattern before I was down to approx 30 grams and had to start the decreases.  In the end, I had yarn from the 420-yard skein left over, so I probably could have gone as high as 22 repeats.

GIVEAWAY:  I  think that the finished project is incredible – probably one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve knit, thanks almost entirely to the gorgeous yarn.  I purchased this yarn as part of one of Sundara’s clubs, so it’s not otherwise available, but I used only one of the two skeins I received, so I thought I’d try a giveaway – just leave a comment in response to this post and I’ll randomly select a winner for the remaining skein by April 18th.  You’ll love it, I promise!

Lintilla 3

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25 comments on “Wild blueberries

  1. I’d been wondering about the excitement over Wild Blueberries, but your pictures explain it so much better than words. The scarf is gorgeous! (And enough to tempt me out of the woodwork to post.)

  2. My favourite colour!!! Love the pattern and yarn!

  3. it really came out lovely and i like your description of the yarn. (your descriptions of patterns and yarns are always so informative!). I’d love to win the 2nd skein. Thank you for the opp! (i particpated in 2 sundara clubs years ago – love her yarn, so luxurious!)

  4. That is lovely. Ruffles using short rows? Yummy.

    Also, Wild Blueberries is the best Sundara color. Ever.

  5. Beautiful job! And I’m always excited to find a new blog to read 🙂

  6. Susan-from-Athens

    April 11, 2013 at 1:40 pm Reply

    It’s a beautiful colour and the pattern you chose superbly.

  7. Your scarf is lovely 🙂 I’ve made Lintilla before, it’s such a simple pattern but the finished effect is lovely and versatile. And it’s great for showing off exquisite yarn like Sundara.

  8. Not only is your shawl lovely, but your photography does it justice! How generous, too, to host this giveaway!

  9. What an amazing combination of pattern and yarn!! I love the way the color variations subtly stripe across the shawl. I ended up choosing waterlily as my luxury club FSC and am wishing I had chosen wild blueberries instead!

  10. What a beautiful scarf and such a generous giveaway. I think you made an inspired pairing of pattern and yarn here!

  11. What a beautiful scarf. The combination of pattern and color is just outstanding. I have recently discovered Sundara yarns and am waiting for my first shipment. It is very generous of you to give one of your skeins away!

  12. That yarn is absolutely beautiful. It looks wonderful in the pattern you used.

  13. Oooh I had Blueberries in ASM before and yes the silk makes the blue sing, I can only imagine it in this base. How did you find Lintilla? Was it relaxing or did it get boring towards the end?

    • I always get bored at the end of every project, because I’ve already got several others that I’m already mentally working on! But on the spectrum of patterns, I thought Lintilla had just enough variation (with the short rows) to keep it interesting, and just when I was really feeling “done” with the pattern, it was near the end. I like patterns that end with fewer and fewer rows, it seems to really speed up the completion of the project!

  14. I love the color and the pattern. I would not normally go for ruffles, but these seem more subtle. Beautiful work, beautiful yarn, and a great pattern, what more could a girl ask for?

  15. Such a beautiful shawl, and really shows the gorgeousness that is the complexity of Sundara’s dyeing. Fantastic job!

  16. Your Lintilla is gorgeous!

    I got Waterlilies in the club, because I wanted to make a sweater and wanted a more solid color, but now I’m really regretting that choice.

  17. This is a gorgeous shawl! And you are very generous and kind to give away the sevond skein,

  18. Absolutely beautiful color and pattern. A perfect knit marriage!

  19. Your shawl is absolutely stunning! I can only imagine how amazing 65% cashmere and 35% silk feels, especially draped around your neck. I will definitely be adding Lintilla to my ravelry queue 🙂

  20. What a gorgeous scarf!

  21. I just found you via Pinterest and love your neck wrap, would love to do one too 🙂

  22. Pretty! Beautifully photographed. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. I love that scarf! Perfect size and color to wear on summer evenings.

  24. Stunning! And perfect for spring.

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