Bees and berries and blossoms, oh my!

Garden embroidery "B" block

Having finished the months-long knitted squares blanket marathon, I’ve started another long-term project, this time via hand embroidery.  Twelve beautiful garden-themed patterns make up Crabapple Hill Studio’s “A Gardener’s Alphabet,” and the combination of a garden theme, hand embroidery, and beautiful bright colors was too much for me to resist.

I started, logically enough, at the beginning, ordering the A and B blocks – the B block caught my eye first, so that’s where I began.  I went with the pattern-recommended embroidery thread colors and ordered those from Crabapple Hill Studios, as well.  I used a plain white quilter’s cotton as my fabric base, and did not try the color tinting called for in the pattern – it looks intriguing, but I’m not ready to add another layer to this project right now.  Instead, I just wanted to enjoy the peace and calm of the hand embroidery.

Garden embroidery "B" block 2

I love how quickly a hand embroidery piece comes to life (compared to knitting, that is), and how I get simple pleasure out of using each new color.  I’m pacing myself, only doing a little bit of each block every day, otherwise I tend to get carried away and I can’t put it down!

After “test driving” this first block, I’m hooked – I went ahead and ordered the rest of the alphabet, and started on the A block.  When they’re all finished, I’ll piece them together to make a quilt.  Stay tuned!

Garden embroidery "B" block 3


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  1. Pretty! I love the garden theme.

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