Fruit block tea towels

fabric stamped fruit tea towels 1

I’ve got all sorts of great ideas for fabric stamping tea towels (and napkins, and place mats, etc, etc), but I wanted to start simple, so I took an afternoon and a basketful of fruits and vegetables, and played around with mixing colors of fabric paints.

My first complete project:  a set of fruit-themed tea towels, stamped with apples and pears.  I used simple flour sack tea towels and fabric paint – that was it!  I learned that you need to cut the fruit in half very precisely, so that one side isn’t higher or lower than the other.  I mixed green and yellow paints until I liked the hue for the pears, and used a ruler and fabric pencil to make sure that my placement of the stamps was straight and even.

fabric stamped fruit tea towels 2

After finishing the pears, I wasn’t sure that they really looked like pears (especially the upside-down ones), so I used a small paint brush and added the stems (which I think was a huge improvement).  Once the paint was dry, I heat set it with an iron accordingly to the directions.

fabric stamped fruit tea towels 3

Next, I’m going to play around with carving stamp blocks and try a set of vegetable-themed prints – I’m thinking beets and carrots, maybe asparagus running top to bottom down one (or both) sides of the towel?


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