Sand dollar summer tank

Wiksten tank 1

As part of my ongoing fabric stamping mania, I sewed the Wiksten tank top (I’m not sure which size, I cut to the XL size but then had to significantly modify the fit, including taking up the shoulder seams by at least two inches, and taking in and tapering the side seams).  I wanted a fabric that would be very light and that would drape well, so I used Japanese cotton double gauze (1 1/2 yards in color grey) from this Etsy store. 

Wiksten tank 3

I like how the hem curves, and how the back is longer than the front, but I would have preferred that the front be longer than it was, so instead of hemming it, I used binding on the bottom edge (as well as the neck and armholes).  I also skipped the pocket, because I thought it would be overkill with the fabric stamping.  The pattern is simple to sew, but it required a lot of fitting, and I’m still not sure I like the fit – it’s got an A-frame shape, so although it’s comfortable and flowing on the bottom, I’m not sure how flattering it is.

Wiksten tank 2

To make the sand dollar stamps, I made three different sizes from a cucumber, carrot, and potato, sliced out thin pieces of the vegetable to make the lines, and stamped with white fabric paint, then heat set it once the paint was dry.  I like the idea of fabric stamping on clothes – even store-bought ones – and am starting to formulate an idea for a simple summer skirt . . . .


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