Felt flower sachets

This was a fun weekend project, inspired once again by the amazing Purl Bee.  I have so much scrap fabric and felt that I didn’t need to buy anything (for once!)  Instead, I used felt from my Wollfitz scraps, linen scraps, and Moda Prairie Cloth scraps.

One reason I liked this project so much is that it’s almost all machine sewing – goes so much faster than hand sewing!  You just cut out the flower templates from felt, cut the front and back 4 1/2″ squares from any fabric (felt, linen, prairie cloth, cotton, etc) mark the front with an X, glue down the felt pieces to keep them in place, sew them on, then sew the front of the square to the back right sides facing.  Clip the corners and turn it right side out, then fill the sachet with whatever you’d like, and blind stitch closed the opening.

felt flower sachets 2

Actually, the hardest part was filling the sachets – I never did find a good way to do it, so it was slow going to get the spices poured in without making too big of a mess.  Then, the blind stitching always takes me a good long while, I always find it hard to make it look as good as I’d like.

I ordered the fillers from Monterey Bay Spice Company.

I used orange peel for the orange and yellow sachets:

felt flower sachets 3

Rosebuds for the pin sachets:

felt flower sachets 4

Eucalyptus for the green and blue sachets.

felt flower sachets 5

For each, I mixed the filler in with buckwheat hulls, to give it more volume and also that pleasing texture when you squeeze and squish the sachets.  Don’t overfill – just enough to look full, while still giving the filler room to squish around a little.

I made all of these in an afternoon – I think they’d make wonderful additions to any gift giving, house warming, thank you gifts, the list goes on and on.  And, I have so many fabric scraps, I could probably make them ’till the cows come home, and never run out of supplies! 

felt flower sachets 6

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One comment on “Felt flower sachets

  1. they are really attractive. thank you for the link to the spice company.
    i like how you filled based on color. cute!

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