Garden embroidery: Dicentra and English Daisy

bleeding heart embroidery 1

I finished up two more of Crabapple Hill Studio’s garden embroidery blocks:

bleeding heart embroidery 2

Dicentra (more commonly known as Bleeding Heart)

English Daisy embroidery

and English Daisy (a small block, but each of those petals is a lazy daisy stitch – hundreds of them!)

They don’t look that great yet because they’re not pressed or trimmed, but I love the designs and the colors.  I’m working on pacing myself, so that I don’t get obsessed and try to spend all day working my way through them – sometimes it’s hard to remember that with hand crafting, it’s the journey as much as the destination!

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One comment on “Garden embroidery: Dicentra and English Daisy

  1. oh, those are so, so lovely. I adore those english daisies!

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