This week in the garden: lilacs

lilacs 1

Lilacs . . . one of my favorite flowers EVER.  We have over a dozen – maybe even closer to two dozen – bushes on the property, and I try to cut a vaseful every day and place them around the house.  It’s amazing how their scent fills up an entire room.  I try to really make the time to appreciate lilacs because their season is so short-lived, and once they’re gone, you can’t find them anywhere – even at the florist or the farmers market.

lilacs 2

My absolute favorite is the deep, deep purple – never one to say no to yet another lilac bush, I bought three little ones at the nursery this spring and added them to my collection.  They’re a funny plant – very drought-tolerant and cold-tolerant, on the one hand, but then very susceptible to leaf curl and other diseases.  Some years, particular bushes barely bloom at all, for no discernible reason.  So, I figure that I need LOTS of bushes to make sure I’ll have an adequate supply every year!

dogwood cutting

The native dogwood that was growing on the property when we moved in is in full bloom, too, and it’s flowers hold up beautifully when cut.

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