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Maizy 1

Maizy, our Great Pyrenees, recently turned two years old – I guess she’s really not a puppy anymore (not that she’s looked anything like a puppy for a long time!)  She is an amazing farm dog – guards the property but never strays outside the perimeter of our acreage (well, almost never), alerts us to visitors and looks ferocious enough to “protect” us, but never hurts anyone . . . granted, she barks all night, but as I’m sure she’d say, that’s the work she’s paid to do, and we’ve not seen a coyote on our property since the day we brought her home.

She used to chew up all of our packages when they were left on the front porch, which was NOT an endearing quality, but that seems to have declined; I still wouldn’t advise leaving out an item that you don’t want to lose when you jump in the pool or play in the yard, but I forgive her for most of her doggy qualities like this.  Truth be told, she’s a huge wussy dog – the epitome of “her bark is worse than her bite.”

I wish we were up for another dog, so that she would have a playmate, but she seems to settle for keeping me company in the garden and hanging out at the pool when the kids are swimming.  Perhaps setting up some more doggy playdates is the answer . . .

Maizy 2

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2 comments on “Dog days

  1. Phila is available for appointments talk to her secretary at ………she comes with 30,000 swarming bees.

  2. She is a BEAUTY!!!! def should get her a playmate. playdates are a wonderful way to find her new buddy! how bout cats too???? really, she’s lovely. Enjoy!.

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