Wisteria brioche blanket

Wisteria brioche blanket 1

There’s nothing better than a chunky yarn and the brioche stitch to knit up the world’s softest, squishiest blanket – and even though it’s a large piece of knitting, with chunky yarn and big needles, it goes pretty quickly!  I don’t have a recipient or a purpose for this FO – it was just an excuse to get to buy more Sweet Georgia yarn and try another great Purl Bee pattern.

The pattern is Fluffy Brioche Baby Blanket, and the yarn is five skeins (120 yes/ea) of Sweet Georgia Superwash Chunky (100% superwash merino) in color Wisteria.  I used US 11 needles and just knit until I ran out of yarn.  The finished size is 27″ x 44″.  The yarn is perfect because it has just enough dye variation to give visual appeal when knitted in this large of a piece, while not so much that it becomes dizzying when used with the brioche stitch.

Wisteria brioche blanket 2

I love how the brioche stitch makes the blanket so thick and fluffy, but I have discovered that it snags very easily – and when it does, it can really pull a lot of yarn out in an instant, and it’s difficult to push and pull it back to where it came from.  Something about how the stitches are woven together must make it snag-susceptible – which would give me pause in using this stitch again for a baby blanket.

Wisteria brioche blanket 3

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3 comments on “Wisteria brioche blanket

  1. I say the recipient should be you. Who wouldn’t love to cuddle up in the big squooshy blanket, Lovely!

  2. haha! that color is great!!!!!!
    yes snagging on blankets/throws is a huge problem. i find it happens with garter stitch too in that application. and i can never pull it back to the same appearance. 🙁

  3. It looks so lovely and squishy soft, amazing!

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