Wine boxes herb garden

wine box herb planters 1

Inspired by a Pinterest posting, I had a friend help build and stain this simple bench:

Bench for herb boxes

Then another friend kindly sourced me six wine boxes:

wine box herb garden 2

I’m using these for my herb garden this year.  They’re conveniently positioned in a warm, sunny location that’s not too far from our kitchen deck – I’ve learned that if I have to walk all the way down to the veggie garden when I’m in the middle of cooking dinner and need herbs, it just might not happen!  I love the look of these, but I’m thinking that they’re not going to be too long-lasting – the wood is very weak (think thin plywood), and the construction is poor – the boxes are just stapled together, and any attempt to reinforce with screws is disastrous because the wood is so thin that it splits immediately.  Between the dirt and the moisture, I think they’ll rot out in just one season – which would be fine, I could just start over with new boxes each spring, but they’re amazingly hard to find these days!

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